Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miley untamed? P'sha.

You'd think Miley Cyrus was the first teen pop star to ever flaunt her sexuality. Whether or not a cleavage-baring, lycra-wearing teen idol is something to be outraged about, it's ridiculous for people to treat this as though it's anything new. The people railing against her risqué dancing and revealing outfits might as well be shouting, "I'm out of touch!"

In fact, whenever anyone in the public eye does anything remotely sexy, someone usually has something to say against it. Pop stars have dealt with it for decades, the females in particular. Before Miley, it was Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Madonna and Cher, to name a handful. But it was a man who really set it off: Elvis Presley. When those hips went swinging, every thrust was like a knife in the hearts of prudes and parents. And he was fully-clothed while doing so. Clearly the standards have changed over time. Unless he was doing it in a banana hammock, people these days probably wouldn't even bat an eye at such an antic.

We have bigger things to worry about now, like Rihanna writhing around in a skin-tight bodysuit for her "Rude Boy" video, or Lady Gaga feigning bedroom behavior with a nearly-naked man in "Alejandro." As though similar things have never been done before by Britney or Christina or Madonna ... or Prince. Michael Jackson might as well have had his hand glued to his crotch with how much time he spent touching himself for the camera, yet people see Miley a little dolled up for "Can't Be Tamed" and chastise her for warping the fragile minds of the younger generation. Judging by my experience as a teenager, I'd guess their minds are probably already a little warped.

Even before Miley was doing a burlesque shimmy in knee-high boots, the girl was discovering her sexuality and using it, to some degree. A lot of people do. When a teen girl realizes she's got the goods, she's usually going to want to show them off. Maybe she'll buy tighter jeans, a push-up bra, a low-cut top or some red lipstick. It may be inappropriate, but it's not unnatural.

And if it's any consolation to parties offended by Miley's new persona, if you'll notice, she very awkwardly pulls it off. Which means that she's probably still just as innocent as one would hope a teen idol to be.

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